Great Marsh Revitalization Task Force

In 2011 the local Massachusetts state senators of the Great Marsh communities formed the Great Marsh Revitalization Task Force to officially sanction the control and management efforts.  The core of this group has been working together on an ad hoc basis for over five years securing state and federal grants to control Phragmites which has begun to colonize the open, high marsh. Funding has also been used to research the causes of Phragmites proliferation as well, as part of a long term effort to identify conditions that could be altered to curtail the further spread of Phragmites.  The Task Force contains five committees which direct its activities: Research and Resource Committee, Education and Outreach Committee, Permitting Committee, and Funding Committee. The Executive  Committee  provides oversight to all four committees.

1.)    Research and Resources- this sub-committee will review existing mapping and scientific literature, plan and execute additional mapping, and develop scientific resources and recommendations to inform and guide the work of the task force.  It will also continue to follow through with short term control efforts and salt marsh restoration.

2.)    Education and Outreach- this sub-committee will communicate about the work of the task force to affected communities, interest groups and citizens and will work to educate them about the importance of confronting the Phragmites issue and the methods to be used in doing so.

3.)    Permitting- this sub-committee will examine all issues and methodologies related to securing permits for the work contemplated by the task force, and make recommendations regarding needed action.

4.)    Funding- this sub-committee will seek out, analyze and make recommendations relative to funding for the work of the task force through federal, state and local government and private sources.